So welcome to my blog. Basically, there is no real consistent theme (or quality) to any of the things I write here, it will just be a bunch of stuff that I have written because I felt inspired to do so, and put up on here to let people read it, rather than let it be neglected and eaten by moths.

Some of the stuff was written ages ago. When that’s the case, I’ve put the date it was written on there. Maybe if I wrote them now I would do it differently, but I guess I thought they were complete then, so I’ve left them as is.

But anyway, thanks for checking it out, I hope you like it. Please comment on stuff if you have anything to add, discuss or criticise. That is the only thing that will stop me being embarrassed of this whole self indulgent exercise.

8 responses to “About

  1. Kathy

    Very glad you were inspired to share your words with the world. You ought not be embarrassed at all – nothing even resembling self indulgence here. An awesome blog from an awesome person!

  2. Carl

    Hallo —
    I picked up a copy of ‘The Ups and Downs…..’ at the Laura Street Festival on Sunday. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed it. I’ll check out your blog from time to time. Cheers,

  3. Andy,

    I will read your blog sometime – I’m just hoping to read all of Noam Chomsky’s books first.

    All the best,

  4. Hey Andy
    Keep writing maaaate! Your joy is infectious.
    You will know and enjoy http://www.paulspencer.net, I bet.

  5. Ahahah, great! I’m going through your blog right now for the first time. It’s super cool! Do you really think there’s no consistency?

    • Well I just wrote that thing when I first made the blog years ago. It’s hard to write those kinda things so I’ve just never changed it. I do think there are some worthwhile posts in here anyway :)

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