I know, I scoff at people too when they call their website an “e-zine”. But the truth is, it’s hard work to distribute those paper publications around the place; and you do want people to read them after you put all the effort in to writing them. So I’m uploading PDF copies of most of my zines (the ones I have pdf copies of) to here. Most of the ones about politics etc are made up of articles that appear elsewhere on this blog, but the music ones generally until now have appeared only in paper form.

Of course part of the power of zines is the simple format encourages the reader to think this writing thing isn’t so hard and to write their own. The truth is, the internet makes publication even easier than photocopied bits of paper ever did. So I hope that these more than ever can be an invitation for people with something to say to get writing and get it out there. Do try this at home!

And if you are one of those old-fashioned types who like your literature on paper, you can get any of these on paper. Send an email to andy.paine77 (at) gmail.com and we can work out how to get them to you.

Meta Reviews




Everybody’s Got a Hungry Heart – The duality in Bruce Springsteen




 Stop Adani – Writing from the climate frontlines




Broadcasting Static #2




Punk Rock Changed My Life – A zine in response to a song




Singing About Football – Writing about music about sport




Shuffle – Music writing inspired by the hands of fate




Sculptures Of Brisbane




That Ain’t Bad – A zine dedicated to Sydney indie pop from the early 90’s




The City – Psychogeography in Brisbane




War and Peace




The Eternal Rebel – Writings about christianity




God’s Law or Man’s? – Civil disobedience and the bible




Living Without Money – How and why