God’s Law, Or Man’s? – civil disobedience and the bible (a zine)

This zine explores civil disobedience through a Christian lens – looking at what the bible has to say about it, along with some of my own experiences and a few examples of Christians through history who have broken the law of the land in trying to live out the kingdom of God.

Now I love zines as a medium, but it does seem a shame that after finally finishing this, it now relies on me photocopying and distributing all these little booklets. So to make it a bit easier for people to access, I’m putting it up here as as a digital file. If you would like a paper copy get in contact, or feel free to print and distribute copies yourself!

God’s Law or Man’s – Civil Disobedience and the Bible


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4 responses to “God’s Law, Or Man’s? – civil disobedience and the bible (a zine)

  1. Reblogged this on Workers BushTelegraph and commented:
    Andy Paine looks at civil disobedience from a Christian perspective. Unfortunately such action assumes that the government has a conscience which, given Peter Dutton’s sermons in the last few days, I think we can safelt assume it does not.

  2. Turning swords into ploughshares
    November 11, 2015 : Turi Vaccaro once again invades
    the US base in Niscemi and climbing on one of the 
    three satellite dishes, considered instruments of 
    war and death.
    On it now stands the inscription : NO Muos NO WAR .

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