Living Without Money – How and Why (a zine)

Click the link below to read a zine I made in the middle of 2014, in response to the proposed federal budget that included a recommendation that unemployed people under 25 should be refused the dole for six months at a time. I spent a week feeling powerless and frustrated, and then thought that making something like this might at least help a little bit. It turns out that things aren’t quite as bad as I sometimes think – the budget measures never made it to legislation.

Still, I’m glad it inspired me to write this, because as well as containing some practical tips, this zine is a good way to share a lot of the philosophies by which I attempt to live. As much as I think we need to resist government policies like the ones in that budget, living free is a glorious thing which I unreservedly recommend. Hope you enjoy the zine, feel free to print and share copies of it if you like.

Living Without Money – How and Why


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3 responses to “Living Without Money – How and Why (a zine)

  1. Dave

    What a shame that there are not more comments. Then again, it’s not the sort of thing the average person would be prepared to even consider. Good job, Andy!

  2. Check out this website for a video that deals with the idea of living without money, including some great interviews with people like Suelo and others who have experimented in this area.

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