Is this really all there is to life?

Written on a train some time in March 2011

Get up in the morning. Go to work. Work all day, slaving away to appease your bosses, or the ultimate boss, the almighty dollar. The drive to work is so great that there is scarcely time to think about anything else, and when we get home we are too exhausted to do anything other than collapse in front of the TV. Our time on this planet is so brief, and yet the life we live is dictated to by the need to work and to make money.

Is your job making society a better place? Does it even satisfy yourself? Do we even remember what it means to be fulfilled, or are our lives completely consumed by the by the endless drive to make more money?

Even education has become a means to profit, teaching us the skills to get a job and become another cog in the machine. The beauty of learning has been replaced by an ugly competition, to see who can best regurgitate what they have been told in order to get the highest marks.

What is our actual role in the whole money-making process? We need to work to have enough money to live, yet the people who make money from our labour are generally the same ones benefitting from the rent we pay or the money we spend. We have become pawns in the profit-chasing games of the big corporations and the richest people in the world.

We even pay them for our happiness. Having forgotten what it means to live an actually fulfilling life, we instead swallow the lie that consuming their products will make us happy, from the newest cars and electronic gadgets to their fashion trends, entertainment and their myth that because our own lives are so insignificant we need to keep up to date with the latest celebrity gossip, because they live out the exciting lifestyles the rest of us can only dream about.

Do you remember what it was like to be excited about the possibilities each day held? To have dreams you wanted to achieve? To have meaningful interactions with other people, where they were more than just a means to us getting what we want? Some of us don’t, because the life-sucking force that is modern life surrounds us from birth. All we know is a life of monotony, our dreams limited to the good job, nice house and new car malaise that made our parents miserable; adventure being something you live out vicariously through a (32″ LCD) TV screen.

This is the world we have been given, but it’s not the one we have to live in. All around you are people feeling the same way you do. Talk to them! Imagine what you would do if you could do anything in the world. Then go and do it!

Go outside, experience the beauty of nature. Take a chance on something you have never done before. Learn to love, and to love life. Don’t let money dictate what you can and can’t do. The only limit is your imagination. The future belongs to you and I!

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